How to Stop Ordering Junk Food

How to Stop Ordering Junk Food

The 2 Controlling Forces of Our Mind

The two forces which control our mind is Pain and Pleasure.  The need to AVOID pain and the desire to GAIN pleasure.  These are the twin forces of healthy eating.  For example, why do you crave chocolate cake?  It’s because you’ve associated that the chocolate cake is so delicious and it will make you feel so good that you must have it!  In that moment you’ve associated more pain to eating chocolate than the pain of its side effects.  The motivating forces is a combination of pain and pleasure.  Another example… why do you not order the salad when you know it’s the healthier option?  Because eating the salad will cause pain.  That’s the bottom line…that eating the salad will cause more pain then not eating the salad.  But you might be saying, but if I do order the salad then I’ll be in better shape and feel good.  This might be true, but the feeling of avoiding pain is more intense than the feeling of gaining pleasure.  Does this make sense to you?

Have you ever experienced having so much junk food, lets say potato chips, to the point where you said you’ve had it, that you’ve consumed so much of the chips that you need to stop?  This is because your brain has got to a point and switched the association or the chips and said that more chips will lead to PAIN (bloated stomach, fatter body, lower energy, whatever you associate), so we stop eating them.

When you go to a restaurant, you order what you’ll get the most pleasure from and the least pain from.  That’s it!  When you master these two forces you can control your junk food cravings and your health forever!

The need to avoid pain is biological, its built into our nervous system.  Why? Because it’s a survival mechanism.  Our brain will fight like crazy anytime it sees that we’re doing something that will create pain.  When you understand this, you can start making choices to be the healthy person you desire.  Most people haven’t recognized this so they’re in reaction mode instead of in charge of our health.


The Association Formula

Here’s the formula to change your associations and change your food cravings forever.

A. Know Your Outcome and Have Leverage.

You must always know what the outcome is that you want.  Do you want to be in peak physical condition, have ripped abs, or healthy skin, high energy?  And to create a long-term change you need to get to the point where you MUST change. You have to create leverage on yourself for long-term change.  You can’t change if you don’t want to change.  It can’t be something that you would like to have, it has to be something where you MUST change.  When I was in the emergency room of the hospital, eating healthy wasn’t just a nice thing to do, it was a MUST.  I decided right there in the hospital bed that I MUST take control of my diet, or else it could control my entire life!  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Take action now.  Create a MUST to get in peak health shape, both physical outside, and internally inside.

B.  Associate Pain and Pleasure.

Over our lifetime, we’ve engrained our associations.  So every time we go to a grocery store or a restaurant we tend to order the same things.  These patterns are circulating in our minds on a continuous basis, over and over every day.  What we must do is recognize that we have these thought patterns, and then associate new empowering associations.  Just like scratching a CD will make it to never play the same way agin, we must destroy the limited associations we have about food. We must create an association that moves us towards our ideal state.  We must rewire our brains so that we have a new positive association so that when we go to the restaurant, we seek out the healthy food options.  Therefore, you must use the powers of Pain and Pleasure

C. Condition the choice

Once you make the choice by using pain and pleasure towards your outcome, you must condition that choice afterwards so you build your decision muscle.  This makes order your next food option easier next time.  You are in essence anchoring good thoughts to your decision.

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Applying the Association Formula When Ordering Food

Step 1. Know Your Outcome with Leverage

You must know what kind of person you want to be.  When I go to a restaurant, I know before I open the menu that I want to be someone who is in peak physical health.  I want to be someone who looks like they’re in great shape externally and someone who has loads of energy, and has healthy cells that are protecting my internal organs.  I have a physical picture of myself being in amazing shape externally, and feeling great internally.

Then create leverage on yourself for your ideal outcome.  Think of why you must make a good decision.  Do you always be fat or overweight, and always regretting your body type, or are you going to take charge of your life and make a step towards your dream body?


Step 2. Associate Pain and Pleasure

You’ll likely have existing thought patterns running through your mind.  That the french fries will be delicious!  The first step is to recognize you have these thought patterns going on.  Then apply the Pain and Pleasure forces.  Think of the dream body and health that you want, and link pain to the food will harm your progress, and pleasure to the food that will bring you closer to your dream body.  Think of all the things your going to gain in your life, and feel the good thoughts…what will people say, how will you feel, etc.  And then link tons of Pain to the food that will create Pain…the breaded fish will be fat on your thighs, the Coca Cola will cause your teeth to go your teeth to go yellow, the big burger will add fat to your belly, etc.  Go through the menu and apply the pain to the unhealthy options, and pleasure to the healthy options.  It also helps to focus on the longer term feeling, i.e. how will feel after you ate the food (will you be so bloated that you can’t move). Once you’ve determined the option will avoid the most pain and give you the most pleasure, order that food option.


Step 3. Condition the You Decision

And then once you’ve had your meal, reaffirm your choice by how good you feel, this will condition your association and empower you to make more conscious choices like this in the future.  This new association will soon be embedded into your nervous system, therefore further conditioning your new association of picking healthy meal options.



The secret is; use Pain and Pleasure, instead of having Pain and Pleasure use you. If you don’t control the forces of Pain and Pleasure then the government, surgery, etc will control it for you.  For me personally, when the doctor said I had cancer and needed to surgery, the pain of not having surgery and having the cancer spread was one of the most intense feelings.  Therefore, use these forces to take control of your life before its too late.  Don’t let the marketing of Coca-Cola or Burger King trick you in how good their food is.  Be the ultimate person you want to be. Remember, you have the power to control your mind, and you can do it instantly.  Switch what you associate pain and pleasure to and you change your health forever!

Written by Michael Carels

Mike's on a mission to master his personal nutrition and health, and is sharing the best information and experiences through this website. Live your legend and inspire others!

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