If you’re digital nomad (you run your business from your laptop and your constantly on the move from one hotspot to the next), there’s no excuse to let your health slide even if you’re constantly on the move.  Regardless of your mobility, you have to keep well nourished in order to have your highest productivity.  Therefore getting your greens through a smoothie is one of the best ways to get fuelled up…its a quick, easy, and an efficient way to get your greens and ultimately be the best version of yourself.

These are all the blenders we recommend to keep you rocking a healthy lifestyle:


Nutri-BulletI’ve used the Nutri-Bullet as my primary blender for several months while traveling. Overall it’s an awesome blender, grinds everything quite well, and a great travel size.

PROS: Comes with a 24 oz and 18 oz pitchers, multiple blades, and good travel size with a high power 600-watt motor

CONS: Some overheating and leaking issues have been reported

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Cuisinart Blender System

CuisinartCuisinart has many kitchen products and a solid history with quality.  While their blender is a new entrant into the portable blender space, their experience and higher quality earn it a position in the digital nomad blender series.

PROS: Decent power of 350 watts, various pitcher sizes (32 oz, 16 oz, 8 oz), different blades, durable, and different blend settings.

CONS: New entrant in the portable blending space, questionable durability

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Magic Bullet

Magic BulletThis is the grand ‘ol daddy of portable blenders.  Its been on countless infomercials and is famous for its innovative size and easiness. Very likely the first personal blender to hit the mass market.

PROS: Portable and compact size, durable long life, different cup sizes and blades.

CONS: Their Nutri-Bullet is much more powerful, so this blender will create more chunks and inconsistencies

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Vitamix S30

VitamixConstantly referred to as the ultimate blender, you’ll see the original Vitamix  blenders in many restaurants and cafes.  Now with more people wanting a portable blender, Vitamix has launched this new smaller version.

PROS: High 790-watt motor, variable speed control with pulse option, 20 & 40 oz containers, high quality, stylish, and a large recipe book

CONS: Many times more expensive then the competing blenders, not as portable as the others.

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Oster Ironman Fitness Blender

Fitness BlenderA handy little blender, meant for individuals and for fitness people on the go.  It sports a smaller bottle then the other blenders, but its meant as a grab a go type blender.  Features a rubberized outing and clip, great for hitting the gym or travel bag.

PROS: Dishwasher safe 20 ounce plastic water bottle, sport bottle with rubber slip resistant outing and clip

CONS: Smaller size is meant for only one person, longterm durability unknown

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Hamilton Beach 51101B Blender

Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal BlenderThis small and portable blender is a great travel companion, however the 175-watt motor might be a little weak for tougher vegetables.  Nevertheless it gets good reviews and is made by a leading manufacturer with lots of history.

PROS: Compact design that can fit in bottle holders, Small overall size, Good reputation manufacturer
CONS: Weaker motor

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My favourite blender for digital nomad purposes is the Nutri-Bullet.  With a powerful engine, multiple blades and cup sizes, and a detailed recipe book, the Nutri-Bullet will blend the toughest vegetables/fruits and last a long time.  It might be a little bigger then the other options (because of the motor), but the extra power is great!

Note: If you’re traveling overseas to Asia or other markets, make sure to get a power converter if you get a north american version, otherwise you may burn out the motor.

Join the conversation: What blender do you use?  What experiences can you share?

Written by Michael Carels

Mike's on a mission to master his personal nutrition and health, and is sharing the best information and experiences through this website. Live your legend and inspire others!

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